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Who We Are?

We are an online brand focusing on fresh organic vegetables, fruits straight from the farm and home delivered along with cereals, pulses, spices, processed and host of other products which will help our customers to choose the best out of the lot.

Our basic aim is to ensure that all the produce reaching the end consumer is fresh. WAHWAHKISAN is a brand created to ensure safe, healthy and nutritious food by preserving the freshness through a well-established value chain throughout the year. Our mission is to keep raising the bar of the fresh organic vegetables and fruits along with staples and other high value dietary products which we are adding to our portal.

Our ultimate mission is to serve you with nutritious products be it vegetables, fruits, spices or any other products which has better quality in terms of protein, minerals, vitamins.

WWK partners with high quality farms with better ecosystem because we believe a good soil and irrigation is the primary requirement for any good crop which easily gets transferred to the crop value.

WWK is guiding and steered by experienced agri-professionals and experienced associates and subject matter experts from across the country with proven track record, are a rich source of value impartation to our farmers to produce a high-quality product. We believe quality product can only fetch our farmers a fair price and value for money for our customers. Our ultimate aim is to build a social enterprise but also make our farm products resilient enough to find its way to the customers dining table.

Healthier, Safer and Nutritious

No harmful pesticides, no artificial fertilizer and hormones but all grown under natural and self-sustainable farms from across the country through our own well-established system of checks and balances for a safe and healthy lifestyle to protect our customers from all those vegetables and fruits produced from unhealthy conditions.

What is Organic Food?

The term Organic is referred to the process of how certain type of foods are produced.

Organic food has to be cultivated without the use of artificial fertilizer, chemicals, hormones or pesticides and is completely dependent on natural fertilizers like farm yard manure or cow manure and natural and biological pesticides for pest control.

Why Organic food?

In the recent past demands for organic products are increasing mainly because of health benefits, safety concerns due to overdose of pesticides and chemicals in farming practices which are potentially toxic to humans and can create both acute and chronic health issues. Washing fruits and vegetables before consumption are all temporary measures and but nothing can be guaranteed for the safe limit of pesticides which might be present in vegetables and fruits.

Nine reasons why people are adopting organic:
  • Organic food is healthier and freshness is maintained compared to conventional food.
  • High on nutrition and micro nutrients such as vitamin C, Zinc and iron.
  • Organic contains high levels of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants in comparison to conventional products.
  • Its wiser to use organic healthy life style than to spend on medical treatments.
  • Stronger immune system
  • Not Genetically modified
  • Environmental safety
  • Less chance of food borne diseases
  • Consumption of best quality meat & milk

Our Vision:

  • Safe food and safe environment.
  • Sustainable farming and fair price.